Adding value to patient care

This is a mechanism by which a relationship is established between two providers who care for the same patient. Although every referral is unique the basic process remains the same. Crooke Clinics cares about the logistics and management of patients during the process of referral offering different collaborative practice structures.

Digital Structured referral system

We share case data digitally and online and share efficiently and securely with our referring dentists, building longer and stronger relationships. You can manage your referral in one easy account, share photos, x rays and clinical documents, eliminating paperwork, postage and scanning.

Easy tracking documents

Referring tracking is an important task and we ensure the referring dentists keep tabs on the status of the referral. Effective communication and teamwork are essential to deliver patient care and to foster respectful interprofessional relationships. This allows both providers to make well informed decisions to the patient´s health care.

Patient instructions and after care support

An informed patient is a happy patient that is more likely to accept the treatment you recommend. With this is mind, we have created engaging and informative guides of all of our treatment options and after care instructions. We will provide paper and electronic copies of this information together with educational videos.

A referral coordinator

Every referral made to us will be allocated a referral coordinator who will maintain ongoing tracking and documentation on the referral. He or she will ensure complete and accurate registration and the assembly of information concerning the patient’s clinical background and needs.

He or she will assist patients in problem solving potential issues related to financial, social barriers, interpretations services, and transportation or prescription assistance. Also remind patients of scheduled appointments

What treatments do we do?

Crooke clinics are specialised in complex rehabilitation treatments including cosmetic dentistry and implant placement. We work digitally and apply a dental digital workflow to reduce patient pain, discomfort and time in the chair. We have three main areas of specialism;

  • Digital orthodontics, including our solution for invisible brackets.
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including our solution of one day veneers
  • Implant placement from one simgle implant to full arch ALL ON 3, 4, 6, 8.

We work with different prosthetic materials and different implant brands.

Long lasting treatments

All dental procedures are carried out by a multidisciplinary team with only the most experienced dentists in their own fields. Each clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment and all the materials used are first class. The techniques used ensure a painless procedure for the patient and a fast treatment time.

With more than 15 years of experience using the digital dental workflow and with an award winning team, treatments provided are long lasting and first class collecting a vast array of high patient satisfaction.

Our referral reward program

We believe in giving back and rewarding your trust In us. Crooke Clinics is a group of highly qualified dentists that teach to other dental practitioners through Crooke Academy.

For every patient that is referred to us you will be rewarded with 10 Crooke points. You can use these points to get free CPD certified courses at Crooke Academy.

Examples of these courses are:

  • The benefits of Digital Dental Workflow
  • Advanced diagnosis, treatment planning and photography
  • Computer guided surgery and implant placement
  • Digital prosthesis
  • Digital orthodontics.

We have clinics in multiple locations, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Malaga and Marbella. We also have an extensive network of collaboration with other clinics and the facilities to travel with all the necessary equipment to perform treatment at the desired dental clinic, including the referring dentist practise.

Types of collaborative practice structures
Modal 1 Modal 2 Modal 3
Personalised interprofessional collaboration

We can arrange a meeting and discuss your referral needs and make this collaboration totally personalised.


First Step

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