Crooke Dental Implants is characterized by always being at the head of its game in dentistry.

We give the patients different treatment possibilities to repair their mouths. Nowadays, with implants being the chosen treatment to replace teeth, we go a step further and put the teeth in place the same day as the implants.

This technique, which has been carried out for years provides additional comfort in this type of treatment:
entails placing implants and permanent teeth fixed to the implants on the same day or within 48 hours. This is an added comfort for the patient because it avoids them having removable dentures during the bone integration period.

This technique, however, cannot be carried out in all cases, but it is possible to be implemented in many cases. For example, the most extended and documented indication at a scientific level are cases in which all the bottom set of teeth has to be replaced. This bone tends to be harder, and if we put in place at least 4 implants, it’s a very safe treatment. On the upper maxilla, although the bone is softer, if we have enough implants and they are the right size, the permanent teeth can also be screwed onto the implants the day.

The aesthetic area for single teeth also favors this technique, and in some cases, obviously following a careful study of the area, we can also do it in further back areas if we join several implants and leave them with less closure or less bite.

As a first step, we will put provisional teeth; and then, when the bone integration period of 2 to 5 months is up, the will be replaced with the permanent teeth, which are of a more durable material and the necessary touches will be added to give the patient the smile they want.

POSSIBLE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Everything has to be studied carefully; the bone density, length and distribution of the implants has to be evaluated. In some cases, when there are prior infections, the treatment should not be carried out as it is an added risk, or if it is an area where the bone or soft tissue has to be regenerated, sometimes it is better no to screw in a tooth on the same day so that more surgery can be carried out to increase tissue. A single molar is not the best case in which to carry out immediate loading, as molars are the teeth on which we chew the most, but all other cases can be studied.


  • Diagnosis
  • Placing Implants
  • Temporary Fixed Teeth

The first step/appointment would involve the diagnosis which requires a ct-scan to study the quantity and quality of the remaining bone, we would take some photographs to study and analyze every detail and some impressions of your teeth to pre-design in the laboratory the new smile (aesthetics and function). Our premises are fully equipped with the most advanced and latest technology related to our specialties, as for example the latest materials for our implant treatments that allow us to do procedures in less time therefore having better post operative. One example is the use of plasma rich in growth factors, it is based in obtaining a concentrate of 100% autologous growth factors.

All these procedures are done in a special sterilized operating room.



It is recommended to wait at least three months for the bone to osseointegrate around the implant/s. After this period we arrange the appointment to place the nal prosthesis over implants, which would involve from 1 up to 3 visits within 3 or 5 days depending of the mount of implants placed and the type of teeth chosen.


Our Lab creates the perfect smile with the highest quality restorations, We use the best materials and technology available to create the most natural looking implant restorations. When we are creating something as unique as a tooth you need to be a perfectionist. At Crooke & Laguna Dental Laboratory that’s exactly what we are. Each one of us is dedicated to providing you with the very best service and an end product that will exceed your expectations and improve the quality of life for your patients.

Technology and craftsmanship

it takes artistry, dexterity and years of experience to reach the levels of expertise achieved by our technicians, all of
whom are true craftsmen. To remain at the forefront of our work, we combine our craft skills with the latest technology, such as computer aided design, milled zirconia frameworks, laser welding and digital shade mapping.


DIFFERENCES BETWEEN TEETH IN A DAY vs TEETH IN AN HOUR: “Teeth in an hour” (WITHOUT SURGERY) is an immediate loading technique in which the denture is prepared before the implants are put in place thanks to a virtual 3D study and the placement of the implants thanks to a surgical splint guided by computer. As we already know, thanks to this splint, the position and inclination of the implants, we can prepare the denture beforehand. The end result is the same, but the consultation time for the patient on the day of surgery is not as long.