Aesthetic Implants

At Crooke Dental Implants we Are Specialists In  All Types Of Dental Implants And Treatments Aimed to Make Smiles Last Many Years Or Recover Their Former  Splendour.

Bad diagnosis and/or incorrect planning of treatments can result in disastrous results. The techniques used, the surgeon’s hands and having a reliable dental technician are key to a successful result. The greater the amount of bone and soft tissue loss, the more difficult it becomes to produce an ideal aesthetic dental implants result.

At Crooke Dental Implants, we have more than 30 years experienced in aesthetic implant dental field. Single tooth implants have a high degree of predictability as the adjacent teeth can provide the morphological substructure that is required to restore natural gingival and papillary architecture. Replacement of multiple missing teeth in the aesthetic zone is challenging particularly when the three dimensional architecture of the existing bone and soft tissue is deficient.

Marketing enquiries have identified aesthetics as one of the major reasons why dentists use dental implants in their surgeries, at Crooke Dental implant we take high care for your personal satisfactions in the results of your smile .  If we go by that premise it is reasonable to speculate that the aesthetic results provided with dental implants should be similar to the aesthetics provided with more conventional modes of therapy such as fixed and removable partial dentures.

However, achieving aesthetics with implant restorations is significantly more challenging than that with conventional restorations. Diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning are critical in obtaining a successful outcome.

Aesthetic outcomes are based on many variables. It is not the specific implant design, surface characteristics or type of abutment that will guarantee an aesthetic result. It is rather the time spent on data collection in reaching a correct diagnosis that pays dividends in terms of function and aesthetics.

Crooke Dental implants  can prescribe the use of implants with the knowledge and confidence that they will predictably integrate into the jaw bone.

The successful integration of an implant, however, is not sufficient to declare successs; implants placed in poor restorative positions result in unaesthetic restorations that provide little satisfaction for the dentist  or the patient


The above illustrations demonstrate the complexity of implant use in aesthetic zones and the importance of proper treatment planning prior to implant placement.